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+7 (495) 950-58-32 Москва, Бутырский вал, д.68, офис 603
15 800 /19 800
низкий / высокий сезон

Аренда яхты KORAB с экипажем

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Моторная яхтаДлина: 25.5 m Год: 2002 / 2011, 2013
15 800 /19 800
низкий / высокий сезон
25.5 m
6.6 m
2.1 m
2002 / 2011, 2013
2 X SCANIA 450 kW
2 pcs
60 л/ч
9 kn
11 kn
same day
The yacht is designed to accommodate 12 passengers in 6 luxury cabins equipped with a bathroom. 4 cabins have a double bed and two have two single beds. The cabins are air-conditioned and each has a window, wardrobe and desk. Wi-Fi Internet is available at all times. All cabins are spacious, with natural light, and are designed and decorated to provide you with a luxurious and pleasurable stay.

The pleasant environment of the restaurant and bar, handmade from noble wood, create a special mood within a relaxing atmosphere.

The sun deck is spacious, coated in teak, and provides guests a pleasurable stay and the enjoyment of sunbathing as well as a stay under the starry sky during sailing, visiting ports or hidden bays.

The quarter-deck is envisaged for stays in pleasant shades.
10 30 Yes no limitation 24/220 4 fis.hooks 3,60
Yacht offers Rendezvous Diving only
Not Onboard

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