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14 000 /18 000
низкий / высокий сезон

Аренда яхты LUCKY CLOVER с экипажем

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КатамаранДлина: 15.84 m Год: 2016
14 000 /18 000
низкий / высокий сезон
15.84 m
8.6 m
1.5 m
2 x 19kw ONAN with COON
25 л/ч
9 kn
10 kn
upon request
Accommodates 12 guests in 2 master cabins, 3 double bed cabins and one with upper and lower bunks.
Crew sleeps in separate compartments
4X240 L YES
Yacht offers Rendezvous Diving only
Not Onboard
Экипаж: 3 • Капитан: Ioannis Tzortzis (Greek)
Captain Yiannis Tzortzis

Captain Yiannis was born in 1975 in Greece. From early on he had two main passions: Mechanical Engineering and sailing. So soon after getting 3 diplomas in Engineering he started his professional involvement with the sea. He is a well experienced captain, who has sailed the Greek and Mediterranean seas, knowing every little bay and harbor inside out. Captain Yiannis is able to cope with any difficult situation at hand responsibly and decisively. As serious as he takes his job, as kind and wonderful he is as a person. His guests call him a calm and gentle giant, who is always smiling, while kids just simply adore him. He speaks fluently English and makes everyone on board feel extremely welcome.
After serving nearly two years in the Greek Navy, he acquired his Skipper Diploma at the Delphinarium Yacht Club, he obtained the Rescuer Degree , First Aid CARPA, he was captain of various monohull sailing yachts, in one of which he was awarded the 1st Position in Rally Ionian 2011-2012, he worked on VitaminSea Leopard a 113,22 ft boat, which travelled for four months from Marseille to Athens, before he started working with crewed catamarans.
Here he has shown his full potential as Captain and host. His hobbies include Volley-ball, engineering and maintaining anything mechanical.

Chef Vagia Bairaba

This is a chef you will remember for the amazing food, she is going to serve you. Vagia received her Professional Cooking Diploma with excellence from Chef d'Oeuvre and will astonish you of what a cook can prepare in such a small kitchen on board. She is extremely organized, efficient and responsible, her skills in the kitchen (and not only) are highly inventive, flexible, choosing always and only fresh ingredients for her meals and with her guests she is always in such a friendly manner communicative. Always attentive with a sweet smile, you can't help feeling very comfortable around her.
In possession of a Skipper Diploma, First Aid Certificate, Padi Advanced Open Water Diver Diploma and a vast experience of years on sea, she is well fit to handle any issues, also outside of her kitchen.
Vagia speaks fluent English, Greek and Spanish, as well as a little bit of French. She also loves gardening, ceramic pottery, traveling and discovering unknown places, books with humanitarian subject, volunteer work, music and dancing.

Steward George Argiros

George is an outstanding sailor. He is speaking fluently English and always aiming to be an effective communicator. Possessing experience within the yachting industry in sailing yachts and speedboats as Skipper/Sailor. He has completed more than 14.000 nm in central & south Aegean sea, Saronic Gulf. Self-motivated individual, with two main passions-people and sailing. In terms of both sailing and career, always open to new adventures and tasks. In his spare time he likes sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling/ scuba and all kind of water sports.
He has studied archaelogist but his passion for the sea was stronger. He has done daily charters in Santorini and Milos and as a tour guide he organised small groups for snorkelling in these areas. He has an excellent knowledge of greek history and he can advise you about main historical places you can visit during your trip.

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