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20 520 /26 170
низкий / высокий сезон

Аренда яхты EAGLE OF NORWAY с экипажем

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КатамаранДлина: 56 ft Год: 2016
20 520 /26 170
низкий / высокий сезон
56 ft
31 ft
4.11 ft
Yanmar 110 HP x 2
7 kn
8 kn
Seget Donji
Seget Donji
4 guest cabin with queen-size beds and one cabin with two pulmann berths - all with ensuite bathrooms.
Crew quarter with separate head.
Yacht offers Rendezvous Diving only
Not Onboard
Экипаж: 2 • Капитан: Marko Kasal (Croatia)
Captain Marko Kasal has experience as a skipper since 2003 on motor yachts, sailing yachts and catamarans in the whole Mediterranean including Adriatic, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France and Spain. Although he has BA degree in Economics from University of Zagreb, he also holds Boat Leader's License and Yacht Master up to 100 GT. He has high knowledge of programs including various navigation software. Skiing, diving, travelling and regattas are among his hobbies. Marko speaks English & German, he is married and a non-smoker.

Hostess/chef Nera Kraljevic has excellent organization skills gained through experience as a hostess and logistics manager for charter boats since 2007. She has cooking skills of a professional cook and is an expertise in the choice of quality restaurants in the Adriatic Sea. having studied design and visual media, she works as a professional graphic designer in the off season periods. Nera is a fluent speaker of four foreign languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. She is interested in photography and also holds Dance Instructor Certificate for salsa and the Caribbean dances. Nera is single and a non-smoker.

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