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Аренда/покупка яхты Jaguar 11.6м "CARIBBEAN SOUL" 2004

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Парусная яхта
11.6 м
7 м
1 м
400 Л.
2-30HP 5.5KW 2500 Watts - Invertor

Welcome aboard Caribbean Soul a 36' Jaguar Catamaran specifically designed with sailing in mind. Aboard you will experience the true soul of the Caribbean. A wonderful adventure awaits that will take you through the US and British Virgin Islands with a congenial and experienced crew. There are no typical cruises, each is unique and guests decided how much or little they would like to see and do.

Entertainment = Salon with TV, DVD, CD and Satellite Radio.Cockpit: Seating 12 / Dining 10; Communications = VHF Cell Phone USVI only Internet - St. Thomas Only; Ice Maker = No; Water Maker = No; Dinghy 12.0 with 15 HP MotorToys: 2 man Kayak, water toys, Snorkel Gear, windsurfer availabale upon request 3 - Queen Cabins (air-conditioned) & shared heads

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