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Аренда/покупка яхты Boat Speed, Australia 8.5м "MED SPIRIT" 2003

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Парусная яхта
Boat Speed, Australia
8.5 м
1.8 м
1.2 м
Diesel engine with retractable propeller and shaft.

MED SPIRIT is a racing boat, a 92-foot Super Maxi, designed to win the most prestigious regattas in the world and break sailing records. MED SPIRIT is available for charter. The main goal of architect, Hugh Welbourn, in designing the boat was to achieve maximum speeds, regardless of the costs or constraints of construction or materials. The boat is made entirely of carbon, allows up to 6 tons of ballast, the propeller and propeller shaft retract into the hull when under sail, the hull has a variable geometry. The construction, by the custom yacht builder Boatspeed in Australia, who has 20 years experience in the construction of maxi yachts, is remarkable for both its technical ability and strength, in an elegant, modern and sleek style. Med Spirit - 28.20 meters long, 6 meters wide, 4.80 meters draft, mast 36 meters from sea level, 1,500 square meters of sail- is capable of reaching 29 knots from 35 knots of wind. The owners, sailors and racers themselves, have at heart maintaining the boat in a technical state that allows them to sail at the highest level of excellence.

Diving: Yacht offers Rendezvous Diving only MED SPIRIT is a pure performance sailing yacht with 12 single beds. 5

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