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Аренда/покупка яхты Brooke Marin 29м "ONYX" 1988/2000

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Парусная яхта
Brooke Marin
29 м
6.7 м
3.8 м
1 x 300hp Iveco

Perfection has always been in the eyes of the beholder. TO define it has always been difficult, to experience it a much pursued ambition. Onyx, we believe, can provide you with an experience that you will certainly think precious and may choose to call "perfect". Her ninety five feet of graceful lines came from the board of Ron Holland, internationally reknowned yacht designer. You can see by looking at her that she is build to sail; high swept bows, 3500 sq feet of sail area and unusually for a boat of this size, a vast expanse of flush desk.

Entertainment = TV, Video, CD player in saloon; One tender 4,2m with 60hp outboard One owner's double-bedded cabin. One double-bedded cabin. One twin-bedded cabin.All cabins with en suite private facilities, TV and CD player.

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