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Аренда/покупка яхты NAUTITECH FRANCE 14.6м "PLUTO" 2004

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Парусная яхта
14.6 м
7.3 м

PLUTO is the ultimate dream for kite-surfing enthusiasts. Sail on a catamaran into new and secret kite spots, absolute wind paradises, and float across crystal clear flat water and untouched reef. We offer all-inclusive Catamaran expeditions, specialized for kite-surfers, to four carefully chosen destinations in the Caribbean. Each expedition is based on a 7-night trip for groups of 4 to 8 passengers. For this expedition, you will board a fully equipped catamaran with a terrific crew. Both Captain and Host are experienced kite-surfers and adventurers of the world's oceans. The vessel is practically brand new and offers top of the line accommodations and state of the art electronics to track daily wind and sea forecasts. With a very comfortable layout, the vessel offers plenty of space to chill, letting you relax while under sail or between kite sessions. This adventure is not only about kite surfing. It's an opportunity to take a break from reality and escape the outside world, letting you enjoy a worry-free dream vacation. Experience the Caribbean culture, explore the islands, walk the trails, enjoy snorkeling, spear fishing, wakeboarding, or just find that perfect spot to relax and take in the scenery. You'll have everything you need to enjoy every moment of your vacation. If you're looking for a unique, diverse, and exciting holiday experience, come on board! With all-inclusive food and drinks, a professional Captain and Host, we guarantee you'll have the time of your life!

Snorkel Gear; Wake Board; Diving: Yacht offers Rendezvous Diving only PLUTO can accommodate 8 guests in 4 cabins.
The Master cabin has a queen size bed, shower and toilet.
3 Guest cabins have a queen size bed, shower and toilet.

Crew has a separate companionway, heads and shower. 2

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